Custom Tinkle Time Trainers
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Customizable: $28.95-$33.95

Price: $28.95 CAD

Tinkle Time Trainers by Rainshine Designs feature waterproof PUL outers, bamboo/Zorb soakers and gentle fold over elastic leg and waistbands for wick free protection. Designed to have enough absorbency to catch a single accident they look and feel like real underwear to make your child feel like a "big kid".

You choose your size and favorite PUL outer and I'll choose co-ordinating side panels, cotton or bamboo velour inner and fold-over elastic.

There's also the option to upgrade your trainer to a night-worthy version. We change out the cotton velour inner for extra thirsty bamboo fleece and add a snap-in soaker of bamboo fleece topped with cotton or bamboo velour.

My tinkle time trainers differ slightly in sizing from the original pattern, I use waterproof PUL which has less stretch than cotton and the rise is somewhat lower since I use fold-over-elastic instead of cotton bands.

These trainers do tend to fit small so please measure carefully and choose the largest size that your child's measurements fall into for the best fit.

This item was created by a licensed Tinkle Time Trainer seamstress. For more information on this pattern visit Ladder Hill Design

Size Small Medium Large X Large XX Large
Waist 15"-17" 16"-19" 17"-20" 19"-22" 21"-23"
Rise 13.5" 14.5" 15.5" 16.5" 17.5"
Thigh 10"-11" 11"-12" 12"-13" 13"-14" 14"-15"

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Custom Tinkle Time Trainers
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Upgrade to night-time trainer? Upgrade to night-time trainer? -- $5.00

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Feedback from our users on this product
    We ordered 2 day-time trainers and 1 night-time trainer. Not only was the turn-around time lightning fast and the customer service excellent, these are by far THE most well-made trainers we own. And we have about 24 pairs of various types. The workmanship on these is perfection. They have retained their shape after many washes and look the newest out of all the trainers we have. They are also trim, yet amazingly absorbent and we have never had a leak. If I had known how great these would be, I would have ordered ONLY these trainers from the start.

    We love love love our Tinkle Time Trainers!!! Megan was very nice to work with, super fast shipping, and my son loves his "special" new underwear :D I will definitely be getting a few more pairs in the future :)

    I received my tinkle time trainers today and am very impressed. I have tried several different kinds of trainers out before but seem to always run into the same problems either they were trim but not waterproof or they were waterproof but way too poofy. These are the perfect combination, they fit like underwear but are waterproof. My son took a nap in these this afternoon and woke up with no leaks. The quality of these trainers is excellent and to top it off they are adorable. My son nor I wanted him to take them off. I am sure I will be back for more!!

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